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Sascha Ley Solo

Concert de sortie de l'album solo "IN BETWEEN" - JazzHausMusik


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Sascha Ley is a vocalist, actress, polyglot performer, and poet whose virtuosic vocal improvisations, narrative sound paintings, and compositions defy stylistic boundaries at the intersections of jazz, free improvisation, imaginary folklore, and new music. Using looped stations and a changing array of instruments as expanding sound components, she invents her own music of sound landscapes and abstract narratives. "Sascha Ley offers a true performance. The Luxembourgish vocalist literally and physically takes over the space. She greets the surprised audience on the doorstep and draws everyone into her strange world, takes the microphone and starts a siren song. She is accompanied by an electric piano, a bow that she slides on an electric guitar, and a loop machine as she sings aerial and ghostly melodies. The singing becomes haunting, a bit like Laurie Anderson, between lyricism and raw blues. She combines cottony softness and eccentricities. The moment is intense, bewitching, and confusing. And it is magnificent." Jacques Prouvost 

« La Luxembourgeoise Sascha Ley (l’aventurière) se révèle être une championne des créations instantanées »

J.-L. Gillet, La Meuse (B)

 « Sascha Ley est remplie de tout un univers de voix. Des galaxies pleines de musique »


« Seule avec son synthé, ses machines à loop, sa guitare horizontale, elle livre un spectacle inspiré, original, usant de sa voix comme d’un instrument, chantant, soufflant, scandant, rythmant avec sa respiration. Elle interprète vraiment ses morceaux, on sent ses pensées, ses interrogations, ses questionnements »

Le soir (B)
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Voix, guitare, synthétiseur, électronique: Sascha Ley

Guitare: Jean Pascal Boffo (guest)