Our activities

4 complementary pillars

The center has developed around four pillars of activities allowing it to accomplish its main missions as established by the 2001 law.

  • Pillar 1

    Artists’ Residencies

    A program of artists' residences in full development, which is declined in residences of research, residences of creation, artists in territory, associated artists...
  • Pillar 2

    Cultural programming

    A two-part cultural program, which includes the activities of the house on the one hand and, on the other, a program proposed by our partners and which neimënster supports logistically…
  • Pillar 3

    Event management

    An activity that includes meetings, conferences, symposiums, end-of-year parties, dinners and receptions, combining charm and innovation
  • Pillar 4

    Tourism and heritage

    A touristic dimension which is based on the heritage aspect of the site and its anchorage in the history of the City of Luxembourg.

Article 2

(1) The mission of the establishment is:

(2) To this end, it is called upon to: