• 3.05.2024 - 9.05.2024
  • Music - Jazz

Eran Har Even

Amsterdam-based guitarist and composer Eran Har Even explores a series of musical dialogues titled ‘Songful Dialogues’. For these duo journeys, Eran invites a diverse group of guests chosen for their artistic talent and direct influence on him.

In an intimate setting, this project strives to explore the breadth of conversations that will turn into music, while experimenting with stylistic boundaries.

Eran says: “As we engage with inspiring individuals, we find facets of ourselves that may have remained dormant. Each human encounter serves as a catalyst, amplifying dimensions of our artistic personality and stimulating a unique creation. It’s a dynamic equation where 1+1 doesn’t simply equal 2; rather, it results in a sum greater than its parts: 1+1 = 3”

Eran Har Even (born 22 April 1983) is a guitarist, composer and music teacher. Nominated for the Edison Prize, he is an active figure on the European jazz scene, recording and performing with some of the best musicians on the local and international scene. His highly personal style, combining different contemporary influences, has attracted the attention of audiences and the media alike.

For the past ten years, Eran has been teaching music theory and guitar at the Amsterdam Conservatory, where he leads ensembles, training the next generation of jazz and pop musicians. Eran is also invited to teach at music schools and jazz seminars around the world, while performing regularly at the most renowned venues and festivals.