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José Fallot ARTrio feat. Greg Lamy



When and where

José and his ARTrio revisit pieces from their four albums, while adding new creations. It was after seeing Greg Lamy in concert at neimënster that José Fallot invited him to collaborate with them and form a quartet. A self-taught bassist and producer, Fallot learned his trade by listening to and watching others. He took part in a master class with Dominique di Piazza and Jeff Andrews, and has played with many people on stage, including Mike Stern for a series of concerts in France. He has toured Europe with his group "another Romantic". Fellow musician Olivier Hutman began playing the piano at the age of five and took up jazz as a student. A pianist, composer and arranger, he has recorded more than eighty jazz albums, including ten under his own name, and has collaborated on numerous international projects. Drummer Etienne Brachet started out at a very young age. He has been on stage and in the studio for over forty years, and has more than fifty albums to his name. He has performed in twenty-five countries and accompanied over a hundred artists on stage. Born in New Orleans, Greg Lamy lives between Luxembourg and Paris. After studying jazz guitar in Boston at the famolus Berklee College of Music and in London at Trinity College, he quickly made a name for himself playing in numerous clubs and festivals in New York and in Europe.
Main organiser


Line up

Greg lamy – guitare

Olivier Hutman – piano

José fallot – basse

Etienne Brachet – batterie