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Sammy Vomáčka Trio

Standards - Bebop - Cooljazz


When and where

Sammy Vomáčka has made a name for himself far beyond Germany's borders as a fingerpicking specialist in ragtime, folk and blues. Born in the Czech Republic, he has been touring as a solo guitarist for many years. Later, he became interested in jazz. The former folk picker now plays pure, first-class jazz in a classical trio, which is the ultimate challenge for a guitarist. Vomáčka plays one jazz standard after another with an ease that leaves you speechless. He handles melodic arcs and motifs with complete freedom, constantly drawing out new harmonic variations and sounding authentic from front to back. The music is alive, airy, unforced and free, yet it has a convincing swing; it's harmonically complex, yet doesn't sound distant for a moment.

"Sammy Vomáčka hat  sich mit Ende 40 auf eigene Initiative förmlich noch einmal gehäutet , um die Musik zu machen, die ihn fasziniert, und  dabei einen über Jahrzehnte erworbenen guten Ruf als Künstler (und eine behagliche Nische in der Szene ) aufs Spiel gesetzt ». 

Akustik Gitarre
Main organiser


Line up

Sammy Vomáčka – guitar

Jean Marc Robin – drums

Jean Marc Miotti – bass