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Naomi Berrill - Suite Dreams

Naomi Berrill is an Irish cello player and singer, currently based in Italy. Her unique solo project for voice and cello has brought her to perform widely in Italy and Ireland.

Musicians like Mario Brunello, Giovanni Sollima, Paolo Fresu have supported her in various occasions, her latess album ‘Suite Dreams have been produced by Casa Musicale Sonzogno and published by Warner Music.

Naomi’s musical approach is vast and her style blend her broad musical knowledge and influences. She has collaborated also with prestigious dance companies such as Virgilio Sien and New York City Ballet.

Naomi has classical studies (RSAMD Glasgow and Fiesole Music School) and relevant experience (quartet and orchestra), she also has a relevant path into the jazz scene and a folk education.

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    Cello: Naomi Berrill

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    Cello: Naomi Berrill