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Daniel Migliosi Sextet

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The young sextet around the 18-year-old trumpeter Daniel Migliosi brings a mixture of traditional hard bop with elements of modern jazz to the stage to create their own sound and invite the audience on a journey through different moods. Together with Sean Payne and Adrian Gallet on alto and tenor saxophone, Benedikt Göb on piano, Jan Blikslager on bass and Mathieu Clement on drums, Daniel Migliosi dedicates himself to his own compositions and arrangements. The six musicians are united by an inspiring time at the Cologne University of Music and Dance and the urge to continuously enrich their playing with personal, new ideas. Exchange, common musical interests, and friendship come together in expressive, interactive performance. Original compositions inspired by the "Young Lions" from the USA enable the perfect musical exchange between the six "Young Lions" from Cologne, London and Luxembourg."
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Trumpet: Daniel Migliosi

Alto sax: Sean Payne

Tenor sax: Adrian Gallet

Piano: Benedikt Göb

Bass: Jan Blikslager

Drums: Mathieu Clement