To take new liberties on stage, to assume a collective and transdisciplinary reflection, to experiment without obligation of success, to deconstruct the roles to better question them… so many challenges in which the cultural center and its teams support the artists anxious to leave their comfort zone.

Guillaume Clayssen In/Somnia

In/Somnia, which was created during a residency at neimënster, is a double piece. Its structure in two parts reveals the originality of its dramaturgy.

In the first part, we are in a Dream Zone, a space where nocturnal dreamers meet. Each one of them shares his or her dream while also dreaming together with the others during a meal organized by the mistress of the place. In the second part, the exchanges resume to form a plot.

Guillaume Clayssen’s work as a director leads him towards non-dramatic writing. Poetry and transgender writing that mixes narrative, philosophy, politics, particularly attract him. In/Somnia questions, through the communication between our dreams and the world, the possibility of building another future.