• 17.03.2024 - 29.03.2024
  • Performance - Theatre

She Goat

She Goat is the English-French artistic partnership of Eugénie Pastor and Shamira Turner. Based in London, and intent on radical cooperation, She Goat create and perform visually haunting, intimate performance artworks, inspired by historic aesthetics and rooted in personal experience.

In residency at neimënster 18 to 28 March 2024, She Goat will be researching and developing IRON FANTASY, a bold new theatre project about strength.

Two confrontation-avoidant gentlefolks investigate what it means to feel strong.

In search of “assertiveness”, in search of a six-pack. 

From mortal combat to medieval childbirth: they unpick the politics of strength, through live music, sweaty theatre and dream-like creative audio-description.

Dangerously ambitious and luxuriously safe. 


Who gets to be labelled ‘strong’? What does it mean to grow up and grow old shaped by the understanding that you are ‘less’ physically strong? And, working together, can we reimagine strength and what it means for us?

“Surreally funny…They use their bodies boldly, in a way that is still rare to see in women on stage.” ****The Stage on DoppelDänger.

She Goat will create IRON FANTASY through workshops with girls and gender non-conforming youths aged 6-18 and older people facing experiences of invisibility and marginalisation. They will play with what the Middle Ages could look like through the lenses of 1990s Western pop culture and the experience of growing up and growing older today.

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As part of the development of this project at neimënster, She Goat are looking to run creative workshops with young people aged 6-18.

Award-winning theatre-makers Shamira Turner and Eugénie Pastor will create a space for young participants to investigate ‘what it means to feel strong’ and how this might interact with their sense of identity and gender, through creative writing, movement and music.

Local Educators and Facilitators working with Young People, please contact us here for more information about these workshops and organising attendance.