• 28.11.2023 - 23.03.2024
  • Music - Various

Junior Akwety, Bolingo Poba & Noah Nzuamo

The origins of the “Bantou Kingz” project lie in the friendship between three young men from the Democratic Republic of Congo, with a love of African-American music, Congolese rumba and French chanson.

Bantu” (“bantu” means “human” in Kikongo) refers to the speakers of Bantu languages (around four hundred and fifty languages) on the African continent, from Cameroon to the Comoros and from Sudan to South Africa.

The “Bantou Kingz” experience aims to create a multi-faceted musical adventure and promote cultural diversity through musical sharing, blending Western influences (RnB, jazz, French variety, blues, gospel, soul) with African sounds (Congolese rumba, ndombolo, afrobeats…). Junior Akwety, Bolingo Poba & Noah Nzuamo aim to offer an epic tale of sound and the journey of integration of an Afro-descendant in his host country, revisiting well-known songs from the American and European urban repertoires.

“Bantou Kingz” brings together the rhythms of motherland Africa and the sounds of the adopted country. Where some speak of a “rift” with their origins, the project speaks of an “encounter” and pays tribute to the cultural roots carried by each of us and the one we embrace on arrival in a host country.