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This summer, neimënster invites artists and audiences to its Cloister Garden to enjoy a series of exceptional concerts, presenting new spaces and enabling them not only to discover new pieces, but also to listen to them in a different way. A space usually conducive to calm and serenity, the Garden will host a series of intimate concerts. From rock to alternative jazz, without artifice, between sensitive strings and gentle melancholy, Garden Delights will enable the public to discover emerging and established artists to enjoy a musical interlude in the quiet of summer.

For this first evening, Catherine Graindorge leads us to the Eldorado to present her latest album of the same title. Through her compositions, she explores themes that resonate with current affairs, politics and ecology... Eldorado or the desperate search for a better future, a title she dedicated to two migrants whom she has met in the past.humanism again with "Rosalie", which evokes the life of a survivor of the Rwandan tragedy. Or a warning against our own folly: "Kangaroos in Fire" evokes the serious fires that Australia has experienced... All this, these realizations, the beauty of acts, can be found in this album by the Brussels-based violinist. A music that seems, at times, to emerge from the deep, dark recesses of a profound nothingness, drawn by a fine ray of light. Eldorado...

Catherine Graindorge is a Brussels-based violinist, violist, composer and actress. Over the years, she has built her craft by mixing disciplines, creating theater shows as a writer and actor, composing music for her own shows and for others, and playing in various musical groups.

Since 2012 and the release of The Secret of us all, her first solo album, she has multiplied collaborations with artists such as Iggy Pop, John Parish (PJ Harvey), Hugo Race(Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Mark Lanegan (Jeffrey Lee Pierce Project) but also composed for dance, theater and film (with a Magritte nomination for her soundtrack to Le Chant des Hommes).

In 2017, she released a 3rd album with her trio Nile On waX on the Dépôt214 label (2017) and co-wrote an album, Long Distance Operators, with Australian Hugo Race on the Sub Rosa label.

In October 2021, Catherine returns solo with Eldorado, an album recorded in Bristol alongside the legendary John Parish, here producer but also musician, on Glitterbeat Records (Tak: Till). In a distant echo of Max Richter's cinematic flights of fancy or Warren Ellis's flayed harmonies, she continues her unique journey out of time.

In September 2022, she released The Dictator, a 4-track EP with guest star Iggy Pop, on Glitterbeat Records.

She is currently working on a new musical project with Simon Jones (And also The Trees) and Pascal Humbert (16 Horsepower).

May 2023 will see the release of her trio's 4th album Nile On waX (Tonzonen records).

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Violin, viola, vocals: Catherine Graindorge
Harmonium: Simon Ho
Drums: Elie Rabinovitch
Guitar: Teuk Henri