Published on 23.12.2022

Annual closure

From 12.24.22 to 01.03.23

2022 is coming to an end and neimënster is about to close its doors for the traditional annual break. This year was particularly rich in novelties for us, with the creation of a theatre selection, GEM, gathering the pearls of the neimënster stage. Precious, moving, heart-warming plays, selected by us to touch all of you, young and old, to the core.

We have also given ourselves a new lease on life through a series of renovations to our premises – floors, conference rooms, artists’ accommodation, reception -. A well-deserved rejuvenation that allows us to receive our audience in the best possible conditions.

This year has also strengthened our determination to offer you an ever more enriching programme. If 2022 offers a positive balance sheet thanks to you, 2023 will also bring many surprises…

A little sad, but with a lot of memories, we look forward to seeing you next year to start new cultural adventures together!

Thank you again for your interest, your support and your good mood throughout these years, it motivates us to satisfy you even more!

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