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16th Central and Eastern European Film Festival

CinEast A.s.b.l.

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from 04.10.2023

to 22.10.2023

The photography exhibition ‘Adaptations’ showcased in the Caves voutées presents a visual reflection on the festival's main theme, exploring the profound adjustments required for some of the most significant transformations facing our societies and humanity at present. Adapting to the consequences of the current war in Ukraine to the massive and multifold challenges posed by climate change and to environment marked by increasing migrations and rapid technological developments. One of the perspectives that guided the curator, Marta Szymanska, in her choice of photographic projects was to envision adaptations not only as forced changes imposed by a major challenge, but also – at least in some cases – as creative solutions to new circumstances, propelling us forward.
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CinEast A.s.b.l.


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