01.07.2023 - 02.07.2023
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Big Bang Festival - Concerts, installations et performances

The Big Bang Festival has moved to Luxembourg and the 2023 edition promises to delight and delight the ears of young and old.

This crazy musical adventure will once again rock Neimënster and transform the site for a weekend into a gigantic playground of discovery for children from 5 years old! Interactive shows, visual concerts and musical installations: the Big Bang festival unfolds original and poetic universes that will amaze the young public.


A crazy fanfare with high-energy music for a joyful euphoria.

Max Vandervorst

A crazy inventor who gives life to abandoned objects for a moment of pure musical magic.

Le Manège du contrevent

A daydream, balancing a piano and a flying carpet.

Hey Meredith!

Meredith Monk, the unclassifiable artist, has inspired singers such as Björk or Camille.

Duo Mathis

Two barrel organs, two musicians ( father and son), for music that grooves.

Projet Nomad

An explosive performance by the Fanfare Municipale Luxembourg-Bonnevoie with musician-composer Jeff Herr.

«C'était la meilleure, meilleure, meilleure promenade du monde entier, même encore plus cool qu‘une voiture de Cars.» Louis, 5 ans

  • Plein tarif 15€
  • Tarif Réduit 9€
  • Kulturpass 1.5€


Zonzo Compagnie vzw

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Zonzo Compagnie vzw