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01.07.20 - Dido

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05.07.20 - Redbourg Group

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05.07.20 - Woodkid

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07.07.20 - Tom Jones

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08.07.20 - Snow Patrol

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12.07.20 - Olivier Le Goas & Reciprocity

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13.07.20 - Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

Juillet 2020:

  • Dido

    ConcertEN: Still On My Mind wafts in like a beautiful breeze, a chilled out tumble of sadness and joy, melancholy and bliss. That familiar voice is fully present, soft, intimate and delightfully conversational, caressing melodies over a subtle flow of be... suite

  • Redbourg Group

    ConcertEN: The Redbourg Group's first album has a special meaning to bandleader and guitar player Yuri Rhodenborgh. The compositions he wrote for this album are inspired by his experiences when 'highlining' (balancing on a 2,5cm wide piece of polyester l... suite

  • Woodkid

    ConcertEN: WOODKID is back, new album in 2020 suite

  • Tom Jones

    ConcertEN: Tom Jones' 50+ year career has remarkably gone from strength to strength. Along with sustaining his popularity as a live performer and recording artist for five decades, he has garnered at the age of 75, the best reviews of his career for his... suite

  • Snow Patrol

    ConcertEN: Over a two-decade career, Snow Patrol has carved out a unique place for themselves. Since their 1998 debut, Songs for Polarbears, which Pitchfork hailed as "an impressive piece of work," their melancholy anthems of heartbreak and sep... suite

  • Olivier Le Goas & Reciprocity

    ConcertEN: The album On Ramp of Heaven Dreams by Olivier Le Goas, sixth son as leader, clearly encountered an equally pleasant and dynamic musical territory; the genre that was favorably compared to the group Pat Metheny Unity when it was last released.... suite

  • Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

    ConcertEN: Tracing their roots back to 1993, the Innocent Criminals (percussionist Leon Mobley, bassist Juan Nelson and drummer Oliver Charles) have been involved in most of Harper's projects. The band toured the globe nonstop, earning legions of fans th... suite