Parallel - Broken Secrets

How do secrets prevent freedom?

EN: Broken Secrets examines public and private conversations. Drawing from historical and contemporary narratives, the exhibition investigates distrust and deception, showing the fragility of institutional and personal connections and questioning the line between truth and falsehood. How do secrets prevent freedom? How are we incarcerated, not only by what we know but by what we don't know, by what is omitted? By depicting diverse aspects of secrecy, four artists: Avetisjans (Riga), Jiang (Shanghai), Selley (London), Yaghmaian (Tehran) actively take part in this dialogue. The stories embedded in their work tell secrets, keep secrets, or sometimes abruptly reveal them. They speak to larger questions of militancy, migration, oppression, and victimization.

Organisateur: neimënster / Parallel european photo based platform

Curator: Javiera Cádiz