Nos coups de coeur


Biondini - Godard - Niggli

Contemporary Mediterranean alpine chamber music

New and exciting elements and aspects are usually created in the middle of different cultures. Luciano Biondini and Michel Godard met first in the band of Rabih Abou Khalil. Later followed the project TubaTuba. Finally they met again in the trio with cellist Ernst Reijseger. From there comes the new trio with swiss drummer Lucas Niggli.

The Alps are the middle of the three different cultures of these outstanding musicians. But the music of Biondini, Godard and Niggli doesn't have the Alps as topic but turns around them. Accordeonist Luciano Biondini melts Mediterranean music with patters from Argentina. Tubist Michel Godard tells stories beyond today and the past. And drummer Lucas Niggli moves behind his drums between fine patterns and heavy-duty rhythms. The three musicians use their compositions as perfect diving boards into exciting stories. There they tickle the borders of their outstanding techniques and forms of expression. The result is music for the soul, full of energy, poetry and fine wit.

Organisé par JAIL (Jazz in Luxembourg) en collaboration avec le Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster

Luciano Biondini - accordéon
Michel Godard - tuba, serpent
Lucas Niggli - batterie