Sun Stone

Photographs by Andris Zëgners

En: Sun Stone is an innovative project through which the photographer Andris Zëgners breaks the common concept of amber. We are given a unique chance to look at a close-up of a forty million year old world in which amber itself as a matter used to function as a photographer by recording moments of prehistoric time. The artist has created a brand new visual environment from this ancient micro reality with the help of a selfmade and highly innovative technical system and macro photography. Andris Z¯egners is one of the most extraordinary Latvian artists of his generation, someone who has a fine perception of the visual vibrations of the world and an ability to transform them into unusual pieces of art. He is interested in the structure and textures of various objects and in nature elements - their exploration and creative transformation.

Fr: L'ambre, appelé souvent l'or balte, joue un rôle important dans l'histoire lettone et a toujours été un élément essentiel de l'identité culturelle lettone. Très recherché depuis l'Antiquité, l'ambre inspire aujourd'hui beaucoup d'artistes dont le célèbre photographe Andris Zëgners qui s'intéresse surtout à sa structure et à ses qualités visuelles.

Organisation: Secrétariat de la Présidence lettone du Conseil de l'Union européenne, Ambassade de la République de Lettonie, neimënster (dans le cadre de la Présidence Lettone du Conseil de l'U.E.)

Crédit photographique: Andris Zēgners