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Jánosík - jazz ciné-concert by Bashavel

CinEast 2016

EN: Jánosík is a black-and-white silent film from 1921 which placed Slovak filmmaking as the 10th national cinema in the world to produce a full-length feature movie. The film was directed by Jaroslav Siakel who was born in Slovakia but later emigrated to the USA, and was financed by the Tatra Film Corporation founded by Slovak-Americans in Chicago.

Juraj Jánosík, a young student, returns to his village and becomes the leader of a band of highwaymen robbing the rich to give to the poor, after his parents are murdered by a local warlord. Jánosík, a friar turned bandit, becomes the farmers' symbol of resistance against feudal conditions. This Slovak 'Robin Hood' is famous not only in Slovakia and Poland, but also in neighbouring countries, and has been the subject of many novels, plays and film adaptations, this 1921 version being the very first one.

Silent film accompanied by live jazz music by Slovak Quintet Bashavel. Ciné-concert followed at 9.00pm by a jam session with the group at the Brasserie Le Neumünster. Line-up: Marcel Comendant (cymbalum), Stanislav Palúch (violin), Klaudius Kovác (piano), Róbert Ragan (bass), Peter Solárik (drums)

FR: L'histoire du légendaire héros populaire slovaque Juraj Jánosík (1688-1713), chef d'un groupe de brigands qui volent aux riches pour donner aux pauvres et qui est devenu un symbole de résistance contre une société féodale. Filmé par des américains immigrés d'origine slovaque, Jánosík est le premier long-métrage de fiction slovaque, grâce auquel la Slovaquie compte au nombre des 10 premiers pays de l'histoire du cinéma à avoir réalisé un long-métrage.

Film muet en noir et blanc accompagné de musique jazz jouée en live par le quintet slovaque Bashavel. Ciné-concert suivi d'une jam session avec le groupe à partir de 21h00 dans la Brasserie Le Neumünster. Line-up: Marcel Comendant - cymbalum, Stanislav Palúch - violon, Klaudius Kovác - piano, Róbert Ragan - basse, Peter Solárik - batterie

Organisation: CinEast / Collaboration: neimënster

Czechoslovakia 1921 / directed by Jaroslav Siakel / drama, 68 min, silent film / written by Jozef Zák-Marusiak, Jaroslav Siakel, Daniel Siakel / with: Theodor Pistek, Mária Fábryová, Vladimír Srámek