Siren's Call

Music & Culture Festival - NEW DATE

EN: Truth be told: we could have written a quite sad and emotional speech about how we truly hoped to make this edition happen in June 2021. About how hard we worked, how disappointed we are and how deeply this decision affected each and all of us.

Well, f*ck that.

Despite all of the above being totally true, here's what we want to tell you: 2021 is not going to happen but we'll be back in 2022. JUNE 25th to be precise!! We'll throw one of the best festivals that ever took place in the 'Burg. We'll work our asses off, spending countless sleepless nights and ending up like caffeine-fueled zombies if that's what it takes. Believe us: it takes more than a global pandemic to bring us down. We know we're doing this for the best public we could dream of - and we'll make this festival happen no matter what. We're not passionate about what we do - we're some god damn maniacs.

As per usual, your ticket remains valid for the next edition and doesn't need to be exchanged or anything. Simply hang on to it.

Together with our partners, staff, technical crew, volunteers & friends, we promise you that we'll sing along, dance, drink & celebrate all together again: whatever happens, the Siren will Call again!


Siren's Call Team

Organisation: neimënster, A-Promotions