Jerome Klein Electroacoustic Group

Jerome Klein presents a new personal project, where acoustic and electronic influences are mixed together, to form a new entity where groove and lyricism can coexist. Together with some of the best musicians he had the opportunity to meet around Europe, the group will present original compositions and personal arrangements for the first time at the Neumünster Abbey. Be part of it!

La série d'Apéro's Jazz est une coproduction Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster (CCRN)/JAIL (Jazz in Luxembourg)/Brasserie Le Neumünster

Gregor Siedl - Tenor Sax
Thomas Mayade - Trumpet & Fluegelhorn
Célia Tranchand - Voice
Benjamin Sauzereau - Guitar
Pol Belardi - Vibraphone & Keys
Bambam Rodriguez - Doublebass
Jerome Klein - Drums