Even while collecting experience and new musical ideas in Amsterdam and Brussels, the young and upcoming musicians of 4S (spoken: four's = force) have always stayed connected to and in Luxembourg, the country they all originated from. The first time they played together was a spontaneous concert at a local festival in 2009, and the chemistry was right from the beginning. After some writing, rehearsing and searching for the right sound and energy, the result is a fresh blend of modern improvised music, drawing influences from alternative rock, pop and hip-hop, without forgetting the classical and jazz tradition. A first full-length album is planned to be released in winter 2012/2013. So convince yourselves of the sonic experience given by the quartet, showing through their original compositions a unique approach to modern jazz with crispy and strong grooves, warm harmonies, gentle melodies, different moods and a big amount of interaction and fun!

La série d'Apéro's Jazz est une coproduction Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster (CCRN)/JAIL (Jazz in Luxembourg)/Brasserie Le Neumünster

David Ascani - Saxophone
Jerome Klein - Piano
Pol Belardi - Bass
Niels Engel - Drums