Nos coups de coeur


Dreams of Escape

CinEast 2021

EN: After more than one year of lockdown, most of us feel an almost physical need to escape. We dreamed for a long time of being able to escape from our immediate environment and reconnect with the freedom of the unknown and the unforeseen.

In the view of some of the artists whose work is presented in the exhibition, this is revealing of a more general reality - that we live in a compartmentalized reality: economic, social, technological with worrying dynamics and it is crucial to find, individually and collectively, 'ways of escape'.

They encourage us to question some of our convictions and ways of life, but at the same time to create, ambitious dreams for the whole of humanity, which appear to be the very condition for hope.

Organisation: CinEast / Collaboration: neimënster / Partners: Pierre Werner Institute, Polish Institute Brussels