Being Julia

Fund-raising movie projection

In London in 1938, Julia Lambert (Annette Bening), one of the most beloved actresses of her time, is at her peak, physically and professionally, but her successful theatrical career and her marriage to handsome impresario Michael Gosselyn (Jeremy Irons) have become stale and unfulfilling. She longs for novelty, excitement, sparks. Enter Tom Fennell (Shaun Evans), a younger man who claims to be Julia's greatest fan. Finding his ardor irresistible, she decides that romance is the best antidote to a mid-life crisis and embarks on a passionate affair.

What the romance brings to the glittering life of the theatre is a combination of wicked comedy and smart drama, based on W. Somerset Maugham's Theatre. Directed by Academy Award winner Hungarian director István Szabó with cinematographer Lajos Koltai.

Organized by the Hungarian stand at the International Bazaar of Luxembourg in collaboration with the CCRN