Reporté - stark bollock naked

by Larisa Faber

EN: Did you know that women only have a limited amount of eggs?

Once the tick tick tock of the biological clock kicked into gear, it would. not. stop. A 30-something woman tries to grapple with her biological clock and society's expectations, encountering surprising experiences along the way: abortion, putting herself back together again, why we bother with motherhood and why we don't just let our eggs wither away. Peppered with recurring gynecological visits, stark bollock naked is a tragi-comedy about reclaiming the body and what to do with it all.

Production: anonyma a.s.b.l. / Coproduction: neimënster in partnership with CID Fraen an Gender / Support: Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande - Duchesse Charlotte, Fondation Indépendance by BIL

Text & Concept: Larisa Faber Music: Catherine Kontz Video Mapping: Louise Rhoades-Brown Costume & Prop Design: Mélanie Planchard Artistic Collaborator: Anne Simon