Dreams of Escape

CinEast 2021

EN: The starting point for the photographic exhibition ‘Dreams of Escape’ is the feeling of being enclosed. After more than one year of lockdown, most of us feel an almost vital need to escape.  We dreamed for a long time of being able to escape from our immediate surroundings and reconnect with the freedom of the unknown and the unforeseen.

Cineast expo collage

But beyond the current context and the purely spatial aspects, there are many artists who observe and question this desire to escape. Faced with an economic and social situation which may seem blocked and in which the possibility of escaping is only ever a dream or even an illusion, the selected artists refuse to give in - on the contrary, they are committed to gaining a better understanding of those who are convinced that a different future is possible and who work towards this on a daily basis. But what do they dream of?

Of a life lived in harmony with nature, more harmonious social relations, greater solidarity at global level, technology that serves humankind... The list goes on, but what they have in common is that they refuse to accept the status quo, determinism or fatalism – they are dreamers, but they are also agents of change who have their feet firmly on the ground. The five artists whose work is presented in the exhibition, therefore, encourage us to find an escape firstly through our thoughts and to question some of our convictions and ways of life, but at the same time to create, individually and collectively, ambitious dreams for the whole of humanity, which appear to be the very condition for hope.

Organisation: CinEast / Collaboration: neimënster / Partners: Pierre Werner Institute, Polish Institute Brussels

Individual projects: Rafael Heygster (DE), Petr Zewlakk Vrabec (CZ) and Kevin Faingnaert (BE) Collective projects: Free Tracks (PL) and Like Heaven but Different (CZ) Commissionner: Jagna Olejnikowska-Grabowska Coordinator: Radek Lipka