The best of men, the worst of men

a new play by June Lowery

EN: Charles Dickens, the celebrated English writer and social reformer, had a private life worthy of his own stories. Charles inspired and betrayed, adored and abused the women he encountered. In this new play, the women who knew and loved him tell that story. His female relatives and friends, including his wife and teenage mistress, consider whether Charles was the best of men . or the worst of men.
With: Bjørn Clasen, Jessica Whiteley, Cassandra Koehler, Kim Birel, Helena O'Hare, Elizabeth Adams, Rachel Kathryn Lloyd, Josie Shillito, Lindsay Wegleitner, Sabrina Fernandez, Tiara Partsch, Cristina Owens Fernandez & Eloise Heger-Hedloi.

Organisation: BGT English theater Company & neimënster

Director: Tony Kingston Design: Karl Pierce