Berlinde Deman - Rutger Zuydervelt & Sabien Clement

Pause - Preview Reset 2022

The Reset Festival will take place as usual in January and we are proud to present the public with one of the artists who will be part of the lineup for the festival: Berlinde Deman.

Eager to play the Tuba since the age of 8, she overcame her teacher reservation about her start so early with this instrument to earn a master degree in classical music. Berlinde understood early on  she could use her skills with the Tuba to cross genre boundaries. Many artists ask her to accompany them (Flat Earth Society, Vvolk, MikMâäk, champAction/collegium Vocale, Spectra, Dave Douglas sextet, Ab Baars). She has also been involved in recording with Jef Neve, Gabriel Rios and took part in stage productions.

In 2017, she fulfilled her dream of owning and playing a Serpent; rare instrument from the Renaissance musical instrument forerunner of the Tuba. 

This opened the possibility of discovering news ways of making music and new projects with B.O.X (Baroque Orchestration X), Richard parry (Arcade Fire), The Colorist Orchestra, DezMona...)

She blends the Serpent with electronic music when performing solo or in duet notably with Rutger Zuydervelt aka Machinefabriek. 

We will be lucky to have both on stage for the last PAUSE concert of the year. 

This performance will be magnified by the talented artist Sabien Clement who will sketch and ornament the music with her live painting skills 

Rutger Zuydervelt:

Rutger Zuydervelt is mostly known as Machinefabriek and has released a steady stream of releases from 2004 onwards. His music dwells in the realms of ambient, noise, improv, and electro-acoustic music. Rutger regularly works on commissions for dance and film scores and is a fervent cross-disciplinary collaborator. He worked with musicians like Peter Broderick, Chantal Acda, Jaap Blonk, Berlinde Deman, Stephen Vitiello, Julius Sartorius, and many more.

Sabien Clement:

Sabien Clement (born 1978 in Kortrijk, lives and works in Ghent) made her debut as an illustrator in 2002 with drawings for the poetry book 'Jij lievert' (Amourons-nous, Geert de Kockere), for which she immediately received a book prise.Many books for both children and adults followed, and with this, a long line of prizes.Her style cannot be pigeonholed.Sometimes she draws elegant, cheerful lines with a pen, then again, she goes wild with paint, brush, paper, or scissors.Each time different, but each time with a portion of humor and a touch of poetry.

Organisation: neimënster

Berlinde Deman Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) Sabien Clement