Blithe Spirit

A Supernatural Comedy in English by Sir Noël Coward

Blithe Spirit is the most well-known and best-loved comedy by the prolific Sir Noël Coward, England's leading musical and comedy writer from the 1920s to the 1950s. This farce - concerning one man, his wife, and a ghost - was first presented in the 1940s. Charles Condomine, a successful writer, is happily married to his second wife, Ruth. For fun he arranges a séance with the eccentric spiritualist Madam Arcati. Unexpectedly, the result is that the ghost of Charles' dead first wife, the fun-loving and mischievous Elvira, returns, but she is visible only to Charles and to make matters worse, she is determined to stay and win Charles back!

Organised by the Berliner Grund Theater in collaboration with the CCRN.

Performers: Bjørn Clasen, June Lowery, Lindsay Wegleitner, Barbara Hall, Jessica Whiteley, Patrick Schomaker & Clea du Toit
Designer: Karl Pierce
Director: Tony Kingston