'Are we there yet'- Episode 9

Transition Days

EN: Episode N°9: Community Gardening. 'These Gardens Are Blueprints' celebrates the power of growing life-giving food and medicine for our own communities. In a time of immense food scarcity for many BIPOC communities, we are partnering with nature towards our collective survival. Written and performed by Naima Penniman at Soul Fire Farm, this video was filmed and edited by Jeanette Lam and Rasheeda Pierre of Youth FX.

This video has been developed in the framework of Transition Days Luxembourg and is the fifth episode of 9 theme related artistic video works. 'How to live together in a one planet world?' is the overall question this year's Transition Days ask. While examining 9 different topics over a period of 9 months, such as food, energy or transport. Using the metaphor of a house - with 9 different rooms - to deal with these topics, it seemed accurate to take a look at these rooms from an artistic point of view. In order to allow another kind of access and to build a bridge to a more imaginative or metaphorical as well as to an assumed subjective analysis of these topics. The artists have been chosen by Nora Wagner, on behalf of CELL (Center for Ecological Learning Luxembourg) - the transition hub, based on her ambition to display the points of view of a diverse range of artists, competent in the field of the respective thematics.

FR: Episode N°8: Jardinage communautaire. 'These Gardens Are Blueprints' (Ces jardins sont des plans) célèbre le pouvoir de cultiver des aliments et des médicaments qui donnent la vie pour nos propres communautés. En cette période d'immense pénurie alimentaire pour de nombreuses communautés BIPOC, nous nous associons à la nature pour notre survie collective. Écrite et réalisée par Naima Penniman à la ferme Soul Fire, cette vidéo a été filmée et montée par Jeanette Lam et Rasheeda Pierre de Youth FX.

'Are we there yet ?' est une recherche artistique sur / avec / en transition. La série de 9 vidéos, réalisée par Nora Wagner dans le cadre des Transition Days, sera diffusée pendant 9 mois jusqu'en mai 2021, chaque mois présentant un sujet et un artiste différents.

Organisation: CELL - Center for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, in collaboration with neimënster