stark bollock naked

by Larisa Faber

A modern-day chick flick but with a real naked body, honest conversation & a side of poached eggs.When everyone around you is moving and you are stuck still with the tick tick tock of the biological clock, your own expectations, and everyone else's too. Featuring stunning video mapping and live-scored using a mini-orchestra of gynaecological instruments, stark bollock naked is a tragicomedy about reclaiming the body, resetting the mind and how to screw the biological clock. 

Organisation: neimënster / Production: anonyma a.s.b.l. / Coproduction: neimënster / Collaboration: CID Fraen an Gender / Soutien: Camden People's Theater London, Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande - Duchesse Charlotte, Fondation Indépendance, FOCUNA

text & concept - Larisa Faber / video mapping - Louise Rhoades-Brown / music & sound - Catherine Kontz / costumes & props - Mélanie Planchard / movement - Hannah Ma / artistic collaboration - Anne Simon social media - Maida Halilovic