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The Conductor (Dyrygent)

CinEast 2016

EN: The dramatic story of three people, for whom music is their lifelong fascination. A young violinist called Marta, studying on a grant in New York, meets John Lasocki - a famous orchestra conductor, who many years before had a deep affection for Marta's mother. The old memories come pouring back to Lasocki. He decides to go to Poland, to Marta's home town, to conduct a local orchestra performing Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. The orchestra's conductor is Marta's husband, Adam, who sees a great chance for himself with the visit of the great master. At the same time, however, he is afraid of a confrontation with an artist of such considerable stature. In time, Adam notices the fascination Lasocki has for Marta, as well as his modesty, kindness and deep understanding of music. As a result, a sense of vague insecurity and jealousy start creeping into Adam's life, that little by little develop into envy, aggression, and even hysterics.

Awards: Berlin IFF 1980 (Silver Bear for Andrzej Seweryn) ; San Sebastian IFF 1980 (FIPRESCI Award, Basque Cultural Society's Award, OCIC Award) ; Belgrade FEST IFF 1981 (Grand Prize)

FR: Un chef d'orchestre, comblé par une gloire internationale, décide de revenir dans la patrie d'où il s'est exilé cinquante ans plus tôt, afin d'y mourir après un concert d'adieu. Son retour va provoquer une crise professionnelle et affective dans le couple provincial d'une violoniste et d'un autre chef, jeune et obscur.

Ours d'Argent du Meilleur Acteur en 1980 à Berlin pour Andrzej Seweryn.

Organisation: CinEast / Collaboration: neimënster

Poland 1979 / directed by Andrzej Wajda / psychological drama, 102 min, en subtitles / written by Andrzej Kijowski / with: Krystyna Janda, Andrzej Seweryn, John Gielgud