Our “Green Charter"

We care about our environment.


Our “Green Charter"

In order to maintain and to further develop the ecological aspect of its mission, neimënster applies a policy which contributes to the preservation of natural resources and uses solultions adapted to this end.

neimënster incites its employees:

  • to produce as little waste as possible
  • to sort waste to lower the heat in unoccupied offices and to not overheat the rooms
  • to turn off lights when leaving rooms
  • to turn off appliances on standby
  • to use public transportation to print documents on both sides of the pages and not to print useless documents.
  • to promote the flow of electronic data
  • to use glass and porcelaine containers

On a daily basis neimënster is vigilant with regard to the following points:

  • Although more expensive, neimënster priviledges the use of the recycled and/or biodegradable supplies
  • All lighting is done using economical lightbulbs
  • neimënster priviledges local growers in order to reduce transports
  • Water fountains which use the main system have been installed in order to eliminate plastic water bottles
  • Waste sorting bins have been installed
  • All cleaning at neimënster is done using biodegradable cleaning products.

neimënster encourages its clients:

  • to encourage their participants to use public transportation
  • to reduce the number of printed documents as much as possible by making such documents available on internet or on USB keys.
  • to promote the flow of electronic data
  • to reduce the numbers of expendable products (paper, pens, etc) and to choose supplies that are made with recycled or biodegradable materials
  • to reduce and to sort waste left over after events
  • to use as a first choice local growers and suppliers in order to reduce transports
  • to send us suggestions by email (contact@neimënster.lu)