Jaan N°1

Work in Progress Showing

EN: Travel restrictions and general uncertainty caused by the pandemic, have put a temporary hold on Jaan, a long awaited music project by multi-disciplinary artist Catherine Elsen and pianist and composer Saso Vollmaier. However, the original topic of Jaan, Persian for soul or spirit, turns out to be more prominent than ever in these times of social and physical distancing. Feelings of isolation and alienation during confinement, have revealed what is essential to being human: a need for connection, for touch and communication with others. The absence of her collaborator, have made Catherine look for that connection within herself. Her long awaited dream to devote a large period of time to explore her own musicianship, has become possible over the last months which were otherwise rather difficult. With deepening her passion for electronic music she started the first series of Jaan on her own, familiarising herself and experimenting with new technical tools, and initiating the creation process of a series of songs. This evening will be an opportunity to share the first results of this experiment. Heavy beats with eerie atmospheres, confinement poetry and dreamy-melancholic live singing are woven together. An evening to shake off the dust from our dystopian living rooms and dance together, like flickering light beams.

Organisation: neimënster

Music consultancy: Pouya Ehsaei