Call Me Tony

CinEast 2018

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19.10.18 - Call Me Tony

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19.10.18 - The Foundation of Criminal Excellence / Kriminalas ekselences fonds

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20.10.18 - Open / Nyitva

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21.10.18 - Panic Attack / Atak paniki

Cinema (chronological order)

  • Call Me Tony

    CinémaEn: Konrad, an 18-year-old bodybuilder who wants to be an actor, idolises his favourite action movie heroes while desperately fighting for his father's attention. Soon, between the gym and his expectations, he finds himself losing the plot. A comi... suite

  • The Foundation of Criminal Excellence / Kriminalas ekselences fonds

    CinémaEn: This crime comedy set in Soviet Latvia in the 80s follows the ambitious television screenwriter Imants who is commissioned to write a crime story about con schemes. Together with his friend Harijs, they - not exactly successfully - try out tri... suite

  • Open / Nyitva

    CinémaEn: A couple in their 30s, Fanni and Balint, hope to escape the seemingly inevitable cheating and betrayals by forging a desperate plan - they will open up their relationship. Dramedy exploring the challenges of modern day mating from a strong fem... suite

  • Panic Attack / Atak paniki

    CinémaEn: Six stories about ordinary people put in extreme situations, which cause them to experience a panic attack. A brilliant satire that cuts through society with razor-sharp humour, by first-time director Pawel Maslona, world-premiered at the Karl... suite