Nos coups de coeur



Orto-Da Theatre Group

Stones is a visual poetic event, created by Yinon Tzafrir

This performance is inspired by The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Monument by Nathan Rapoport (1911-1987).

Stones tells a story through the eyes of a sculpture that comes to life.

This is an ironic journey through the twentieth century, a journey among spirits and memories.

Stones is an original and surprising performance, full of strong images. A bitter-sweet event, where laughter goes alongside the breathtaking, & the present flirts with the past. This show deals with passion for life, heroic myth and victory of the spirit. The performers prove that poetry and imagination are the tools that can transform even the ugliest moments in history into beauty and hope.

By means of subtle acting, a unique soundtrack and original visual metaphors Orto-Da Group creates a new theatrical language.

Organised by the CCRN in collaboration with Esch Theater and the support of the Israeli embassy in Belgium and Luxembourg