Ghalia & Mama's Boys

Brussels to New Orleans

En: Ghalia is an emerging Blues, R&R singer/songwriter from Brussels. For the last six years, she's been working as a solo artist, as well as bandleader of two home-grown acts: Ghalia & The Naphtalines, a high energy boogie, Rhythm'n'Blues band and her (all-original) project Voodoo Casino. From 2013, she began busking her way around the big music cities of the USA, including Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, Clarksdale & Nashville. Ghalia's American musical adventures culminated in New Orleans, where she impressed and befriended internationally established harmonica-act, Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys. The band's muscular sound went on to serve as the backdrop for last year's Ruf Records CD release, Let The Demons Out.

Ghalia & Mama's Boys create an innovative fusion that strikes a balance between traditional and progressive Blues music. They're excited to deliver this new sound to audiences worldwide.

Organisation: Jimmy Osborne / Collaboration: Brasserie Wenzel / Soutien: neimënster

Johnny Mastro - harpe
Smokehouse Brown - guitare
Dean Zucchero - basse
Christophe Gaillot - batterie
Ghalia - chant