Elif Çaglar Quintet

Elif Çağlar - Muslu was born in 1980, Istanbul, Turkey. She studied Jazz Composition at Istanbul Bilgi University between 1998-2002. She also focused on Classical Turkish Music' with Timur Selcuk for a year and performed at the 7th International Istanbul Jazz Festival with the award-winning band Bagdat Avenue. After the band's critically acclaimed debut 10-1 was released, she moved to New York to continue her studies in music. In New York, she had the privilege of working with great jazz musicians like Antonio Hart, Michael P.Mossman and the incredible Sheila Jordan. She came back to Istanbul where she's still performing. She generated intense interest among audiences and critics with her first album M-U-S-I-C that was released under NU-DC Records label. The album is in English and Elif herself has written all of the lyrics and music.

Organised by JAIL in collaboration with the CCRN.

Elif Çağlar - Vocal
Engin Recepoğulları - Saxophone
Serkan Özyılmaz - Piano
Kağan Yıldız - Bass
Onur Alatan - Drums