Dead Can Dance

Black legends of the 80es

Opening act: David Kuckhermann

After breaking their silence of 16 years with the release of the new album Anastasis Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry are still making history with their mixture of music and culture.

Still on the 4AD label, where in the 80s they released records like Into The Labyrinth and Spleen And Ideal, this Australian band are renowned for steering clear of the conventions of pop to create their characteristic and very personal sound: an amalgam of ambient, African polyrhythms, music from Eastern Europe, Gregorian chants and art rock. Dead Can Dance chased their distinct, flickering muse back at a time when ethnic provinces in the music felt way more remote than today. Now that Dead Can Dance are back to cast their spell, they do so as true pioneers.

Organized by CCRN

Picture: copyright - Jay Brooks