Criss Cross Europe

Criss Cross Europe is the new name given to the former JazzPlaysEurope Lab-Series. After 5 years, the partners behind this project decided to make a fresh start. This network is operated by four jazz organizations and festivals. Their idea is to put together a group of remarkable musical personalities that would probably never have met without the existence of this network and to offer them a free space for artistic development.

How does it work? Every partner chooses one musician from their own country, both meet for a 3-day rehearsal period and hit the road to present their full program in the four member countries of the network.

Criss Cross Europe offers an excellent possibility of touring some great venues throughout Europe and meet interesting people in the process.

This year the French partner Jazzus, located in Reims, in the heart of the Champagne region, will host the project.

Organised by JAIL in collaboration with the CCRN. Supported by Music:LX.

Pol Belardi - Bass - Luxembourg
Fabien Cali - Guitar - France
Matthias De Waele - Drums - Belgium
Ľubos Srámek - Piano - Slovakia