Chet Lives!

Joe Barbieri Trio

25 years ago Chet Baker, the great trumpeter and singer, left us. For this special anniversary Joe Barbieri invited Luca Aquino and Antonio Fresa to remember him and to celebrate the sublime art of the Yale's musician, reinterpreting his most beautiful repertoire and also investigating Chet's connections with Italy, where he lived for a long, intense and controversial period.

The project - says Barbieri - undoubtedly takes off from the extraordinary songs sung by Chet, who certified its revolutionary and inimitable language; The best of Chet Baker sings, for example, remains one of my reference's album, and around some of his best songs we wanted to build a small corollary, composed of some of the most beautiful tunes that Chet played in years of prolific staying in my country. Everything was then further filtered through the music I love: bossa, some inserts of classical music a certain all-european minimalism.

Chet Lives! is a loving, passionate proof that today, more than ever and even after 25 years... Chet Lives!

Organised by JAIL in collaboration with the CCRN. Supported by Istituto Italiano di Cultura Lussemburgo.

Joe Barbieri - Guitar, vocals
Antonio Fresa - Piano
Luca Aquino - Trumpet