Nos coups de coeur


Bon Iver

Indie Folk

Bon Iver has wormed its way under people's skin over the years.

Introverted Americana, recorded alone in a remote Wisconsin log cabin by frontman Justin Vernon, doesn't really scream bring glowsticks and prepare to punch the air, but Vernon's band have expanded, and his songs have beefed up continously. For meditations on loneliness delivered in a keening falsetto, they sound astonishingly muscular and primally thrilling. It's mostly down to Justin Vernon himself, who seems to have cracked how to deliver his music to a mass audience. Live, the effect is as stunning as anything live music currently has to offer: lonely soul-searching transformed into a moment of cathartic, communal, euphoria. Enjoy a goosebumps moment under the stars in the fabulous courtyard of Neumunster Abbey.

Organised by Den Atelier in collaboration with the Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster (CCRN).