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From Barcelos to Caracas

Carte blanche by Charlotte in Red

EN: From Barcelos to Caracas will take you on an eclectic journey, from techno to soul, jazz & pop; with three artists who have redefined the boundaries of identity and gender, and who have successfully managed to blend different musical genres. Charlotte In Red's carte blanche will be the opportunity for Fabia Maia and CHAiLD to premiere the outcome of their yet unreleased musical collaboration. And for Koromoto to warm up the audience at the beat of her energetic DJ set.

FABIA MAIA was acclaimed as the most promising artist in Portugal after releasing her famous covers of well-known Portuguese rappers, incl. Jack, Regula and Jimmy P, with whom she performed all over the country. After releasing several singles including `a vibe certa`, which was highlighted at Portugal's National Film Festival, Fábia presented her new EP Santiago end of 2020. As a result of her hard work and her commitment to independence and to her true self, Fábia Maia was selected as one of the composers for the 2021 Portugal Song Festival with her track `Dia Lindo". The artist is currently working on a new EP and will reveal some of her new compositions at Neimënster.

CHAiLD is a queer, rising electro-pop artist from Luxembourg. His unique, soothing, yet intense voice grabs you by the gut, only to let it go with a rush of exhilaration and a tear in your eye. CHAiLD has managed to establish himself as one of the most promising and undeniable young artists from the Grand Duchy's musical landscape.  His melancholic universe combines the Italian and Portuguese musical influences he grew up with alongside his own take on modern electro-pop. Since winning the 2018 Screaming Fields festival edition, he opened for his musical idols Dean Lewis and Mahmood, and played at several festivals, inclding Sonic Vision and Food For Your Senses.


Koromoto emerged from the darkness of Caracas' nights at the end of the century. Her record collection, innate talent and great curiosity have been her companions for more than 20 years, moving and shaking her various audiences' bodies and minds. 15 years ago she was adopted by Berlin, a city syntonizing with her concerns and styles, which she has helped to transform with unstoppable energy. Shows, clubs and festivals in Europe and America have witnessed her infectious sets, both solo and as part of electronic music and contemporary art collectives. Her artistic expression reflects the rhythmic luminosity of the Caribbean adapted to German techno and acid, with elements of dub hypnotism.


Organisation: neimënster & Charlotte in Red