Tales from travelled lands

Katrice Horsley - UK Storytelling Laureate

Katrice Horsley, entices, persuades, cajoles and entrances people all over the world with stories of her life and experiences. To students she sends the message, You are your own storyteller! and tries to share her passion for the endangered art of storytelling.

Katrice Horsley started life with a speech impediment that caused her to become a selective mute. As a result, she retreated into a world of imagination - creating internal narratives to help her feel safe. At five years old her stories began tumbling out but it wasn't until she went to live in Ghana, where she saw communities being educated in real life skills via the medium of storytelling, that her own spark moment occurred. Realising that stories are powerful and important tools she returned to the UK, where she has worked in schools and communities sharing illuminating stories ever since.

Organisation : Neimënster