Lara Grogan

Booker's Choice winner - Screaming Fields Festival 2021

EN: True to neimënster's values and mission, we are proud to welcome young talent Lara Grogan in concert at our open day. The singer-songwriter has been granted the 'Booker's choice award' in the framework of this year's 'Screaming Fields' by Rockhal's Rocklab, a festival dedicated to young up-and-coming bands and artists in Luxembourg. As part of this event and collaboration our booking team selected Lara among a colorful line-up to give her the opportunity to showcase her creativity and share it with a larger audience.

Lara Grogan is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter from Luxembourg. She has been writing songs since the age of 11 and has experimented with different genres and instruments, creating a sound filled with intriguing harmonies. Her music is influenced by pop, jazz and musicals. Lara takes inspiration from everything around her, including her thoughts, nature and books she has read.

Lara will play a show at 15h30 and one at 17h00.

Organisation: neimënster