CinEast - A new shift / Nová sichta

CineEast 2021

EN: Tomás is a miner, accustomed to his daily routine of work-pub-bed. Then, the mine where he has worked for over 20 years closes. He does not give up though and takes a retraining course to become a computer programmer and restart his life.

Filled with keenly observed social detail, empathy and the refreshing humor of the social underdog, A New Shift tells the gripping real-life story of what it takes to switch lanes from blue to white collar work. 

FR: Tomás est mineur, habitué à sa routine quotidienne de boulot-pub-dodo. Lorsque la mine où il travaille depuis plus de 20 ans ferme, il n'a pas l'intention de tout abandonner et décide alors de suivre une formation de programmeur informatique. Objectif ? Relancer sa vie !

Organisation: CinEast/ En collaboration avec neimënster