Nos coups de coeur


Corpo From Sweden to Luxembourg


EN: CORPO it is music from the north paired with a taste of southern latitudes, reflective with a strong expression and where the pulse has a central role.
CORPO has been working as a group since 1992, with tours in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Estonia, Holland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Poland, Lathvia, Lithuania, Belarus and went for a very successful tour to South-Africa in september 1999. The South-African audiences did really appreciate Corpos mix of nordic melodies and african percussion.

Mikael Godée "The group's (Corpo) leading figure is the soprano saxophonist Mikael Godée. With a soft, often chromatic voice in his melodies, he adds a lot of the Nordic sound to the group. That's not to say that he reminds a lot about Jan Garbarek and the sacred Norwegian songs, patented by the record company ECM. Rather, Godée joins the jazz with a more earthly melancholic expression "

"Mikael Godée is one of the main ingredients of what we call the Swedish jazz. His involvement in groups as Corpo and Änglaspel, where his lyrical and warm soprano saxophone creates a unique musical atmosphere, has been hugely important in today's jazz scene "

Organisation: neimënster

Mikael Godée - soprano sax and flute, composition Thomas Markusson - doublebass Ebba Westerberg - percussion Eve Beuvens - piano Johan Birgenius - drums