Nos coups de coeur


Retrospective 4tet feat. Daniel Tamayo - Retrospective to the Future


EN: The young quartet around the four musicians and composers with their compositions and arrangements has already returned from numerous concerts in Luxembourg and Germany. In 2020, they will represent Luxembourg at the well-known French Jazz Festival 'Jazz à Vienna'. With Daniel Migliosi on trumpet, Denis Ascani on piano, Mathieu Clement on drums and Etienne Grüness on bass, the quartet always tries to bring their music and their feelings closer to the audience. In addition to their studies at the universities of Cologne and Mannheim, the three musicians share the desire to continually enrich their playing with new challenges. Exchange, mutual progress and friendship come together in an expressive and interactive performance. In January 2020, the recordings to their first EP called ´Retrospective To The Future´ were made.

Organisation: neimënster

Daniel Migliosi - Trumpet Denis Ascani - Piano Etienne Grüness - Bass Mathieu Clement - Drums Daniel Tamayo - Guitar