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Cartooning in Conflict

For decades, Israelis and Palestinians have been engulfed in an intractable conflict that has severely affected the social, economic and cultural fabric in both societies.

Cartooning in Conflict was born out of the idea that different forms of art create a special catalyst for conversation and an exchange of ideas. Cartoons are a magic art form mixed with a sense of humor. They have influenced society throughout the ages.

The exhibition offers a singular perspective and showcases the work of forty renowned artists, including Pulitzer Prize winner, Pat Oliphant and Jim Morin, syndicated political cartoonist Jeff Danziger and The New Yorker's Liza Donnelly, as well as such celebrated international artists as No Rio of Japan, Plantu of France, El-Roto of Spain and Cathy Wilcox of Australia. The Exhibition works from Cuba, China, Thailand, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Argentina, South Africa, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Palestine, England and Canada.

This exhibition will be under the patronage of The Parents Circle - Families Forum, a unique grassroots organization, whose power stems from the collaborative work of its members - more than six hundred families, half Palestinian, half Israeli- who have lost immediate family members to the conflict.

Organized by the CCRN in collaboration with the Israeli Embassy in Belgium and Luxembourg as part of the Israeli Cultural Season which is supported by the Israelite Consistory in Luxembourg, Leumi Bank in Luxembourg, Hapoalim Bank in Luxembourg and with the encouragements of the Matanel Foundation