The name 'Millusion' is a contraction of Michel, Laurent and Luca. Does the name say it all? The answer is of course yes and no. Relying mostly on their own compositions the band strives to find a balance between the typical jazz piano trio sound, whatever that is supposed to be, and a more modern approach. The two young - and one quite young - musicians from Luxembourg mesh their different backgrounds into concrete soundscapes. No sleight of hand here, it's still hand-made music. Luca Sales on keys, who already has a solid foundation and years of experience in different bands is headed for 5 years of intensive jazz piano studies. Michel Meis, percussionist in the Military Band of Luxemburg still clings to his first love, a hardcore/metal band called 'Everwaiting Serenade'. Laurent Peckels, a freelance bass player covers a lot of ground from jazz & pop to what-have-you and he can be seen here on double bass (his latest side project: What about style and genre? Are pop standards vs. real standards in? The band members agree wholeheartedly and follow the trend without getting carried away by too much easy listening sweetness. In-your-face moments go hand in hand with some airy tunes, up-tempo with sloooooow tempo. Millusion indeed!

La série d'Apéro's Jazz est une coproduction Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster (CCRN)/JAIL (Jazz in Luxembourg)/Brasserie Le Neumünster

Luca sales - piano
Laurent peckels - Double bass
Michel Meis - Drums